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Company Profile

CΙTRUS, a Greek, family-owned company established in 2008 produces traditional marmalades, jams and other unique delicacies, many of these are scented with the aromatic and highly prized Chios Mandarin, from the historic island of Chios in the North-Eastern Aegean.

CITRUS utilizes a unique array of prized flavors in our kitchens. These include delicate bitter almond essence, pink single-variety rose petals hand-picked from Agios Yiorgos Sikousis village, the distinctive Chios mastic resin that can only be harvested on the island as well as the more familiar Mediterranean lemon and fig. We take great pride in the fact that our products are created by hand, without preservatives or other unnecessary nasties.

CITRUS’ distinctive recipes from our special island, the fruit’s mouth-watering aromas, our meticulous preparation by hand of the primary ingredients and the special care dedicated to creating CITRUS products ensure their unique taste and high quality.

Our small team at CITRUS is dynamic and collaborative. Since making the move to the Tavros area in central Athens, our extensive production now has direct communication with the rest of our team. When you place an order through our new website we will deliver via courier throughout the city; alternatively wholesale orders travel in our colourful, fruit-laden van!

Here at CITRUS we are extremely proud that our food range has travelled beyond Greece and can be found in over 10 countries such as England, Germany, Italy and even the United States. In recent years, most of our products have received prestigious accolades from the internationally renowned Great Taste Awards (GTA). Our Chios Mandarin almond bites have achieved the title of “one of the 50 best products worldwide” (2017).